KYC as a Service
Innovative and automated way of identifying your costumers.

Our service enables an easy way of identifying a person within a few seconds. In order to confirm one´s identity we rely on existing online banking accounts.


With digital ident you can identify a person within a few seconds and without any media disruption. For our process of identification we use APIs of European banks that have to be provided in the context of the PSD2 directive since September 2018.


Benefits of Digital Ident

Secure 2 factor authenication and data transmission fully compliant to German BSI standards

High level of simplicity using already existing systems, no need for additional hardware

Service is available around the clock and irrespective of your office hours

Scope of application

Public sector

Identification of citizens for cities, communes, federal states or authorities with a substantial level of assurance

Telecommunications industry

Identification of costumers in the store or online for contract agreements


Verify your customer’s identity for better risk management

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How it works

  • 1
    Identification process

    Start the identification process anywhere and anytime

  • 2
    Select bank

    Select bank that provides your online banking account

  • 3

    Login to bank website as usual

  • 4

    Confirm the data exchange with a TAN procedure

  • 5

    Overview of your approved personal data. The requested service can now be used.

Dr. Schäfer Finance minister of Hessen
Dr. Schäfer Finance minister of Hessen

 As a result of the PSD2 directive the market is going to open up for modern technologies from payment service providers. Consumers will profit from this new kind of variety. 

Let your costumer benefit from the newest identification solution at the market and establish our process in your business today!


Digital Ident is a Startup from Darmstadt that has developed in the context of a research project of the Darmstadt university of applied science/CRISP. The intention was to examine new possibilites of identification that have opened up with the PSD2 directive in the end of 2015. After the completion our team, which is composed of various postgraduates and graduates from different fields of expertise, decided to transfer knowledge from the scientific world into the world of business where new ideas are needed.

Our vision is to make a difference, challenge the current state of the art and help to build a modern and digital world with new technologies.

In October 2018, the Digital Ident Team was awarded the Dörte-Wörner Innovation prize (press article).

Digital ident Team image


Interested in our project and current activities? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for new business partners that share our vision and want to join us on our journey.


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